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NEW: Ready-to-eat popcorn in luxury package
NEW: Ready-to-eat popcorn in luxury package: with cheddar cheese, caramel & peanut butter, caramel & chili, olive & sea salt, goat cheese & black pepper, rose and others

Package: 35 - 70 g, carton with 18 items.
NEW: BIO Ready-to-eat popcorn
NEW: BIO Ready-to-eat popcorn: with aronia, mint, lavender, apples

Package: 35-70 g., carton with 18 bags.
NEW: BIO Microwave popcorn
NEW: BIO Microwave popcorn: with coconut oil, chili, aronia, mint, lavender, truffles, apples and others.

Package: 82 g., carton with 110 bags.